Defeated by words

In life you don't get a chance for revision. Once you speak out your words, you can't press backspace or delete. Even a sorry cannot erase the effect of your words, no matter how much you explain and try to justify yourself. You are forever defeated by your words, for they refuse to die and fade into oblivion.

The silent killer

It's our own biases that distort our understanding of the world. Half the pain we inflict on ourselves is because of our rigid beliefs on how things should be. We could not enjoy the technology of flight for the longest time because we as a society held onto to the rigid belief that anything heavier than air would fall down. It begs the question what other beliefs are still tethering us to the ground?

For the love of writing

Some stories need to be told even if the only one listening is the writer. The job of the story teller is to tell stories nothing more but never less. It is up to the listener to decide if they want to be carried away in the ebbs and lows of the narrative, to hear the call of the birds, the chill of the dawn or the blistering heat of the dessert.

Go forth and make mistakes, a blessing for you!

The Internet is buzzing; two of my favorite motivational gurus are at loggerheads with each other. Mel and Tony ironically Robbins are in the newsfeeds. Tony is a no-nonsense coach who uses intimidation, force, NPL and energy to get his message across. Mel is a practical, intelligent motivator who recommends easy mental hacks to sabotage... Continue Reading →

The greatest truth in the biggest lie

I realized the greatest truth in the biggest lie touted in today’s world, Think different, be innovative. What they, the narrators of the world trends, are actually telling you is that we are bored of the same plot lines, impress us but don’t get too different lest we lose the tethers that still determine our identities. For what would society be if in a split second they could let go of all the walls that enclosed their lives and actually stepped out into the Free world of unregulated creativity?

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