Kambo: poiosn or medicine

Kambo: poison or medicine?

“Everything is a poison, nothing is a poison. It is the dose that makes the poison” ― Paracelsus This famous quote … More

It’s the absence that makes the heart grow fonder

When we see our world filled with anxiety, hate, rebellion know that love has left and kindness disappeared. We need to bring back love and kindness not fill it it with more hate for the haters and the evil doers. We need to turn the land back to face the warmth of love and acceptance. Fighting for peace will only bring more war. More have been killed and tortured in the name of religion and righteousness than true love.

Finding God

Having invented the Gods we can turn in to them ~ Alan Harrington Being brought up by a fiercely Catholic mom … More

Why I travel

I travel so that I can Hug every tree and feel the furrowed bark. So coarse on the outside but … More

The winner’s mindset

The precursor to enthusiasm is giving a damn. Find something that you deeply care about, and work from there. For example, are you self-conscious? So you care if you end up looking like a fool? Excellent play to that,  tell yourself I NEED to do this and if it fails, I’ll look like an idiot. I NEED this to work. I’m giving it my 100 percent because failure is just not an option.

Find your itch

Doing things because you are passionate about it is the key to success and fulfilment. Chasing fame, glory, money etc, is transitory and often fraught with misery.

Defeated by words

In life you don’t get a chance for revision. Once you speak out your words, you can’t press backspace or delete. Even a sorry cannot erase the effect of your words, no matter how much you explain and try to justify yourself. You are forever defeated by your words, for they refuse to die and fade into oblivion.