Finding God

Having invented the Gods we can turn in to them ~ Alan Harrington Being brought up by a fiercely Catholic mom … More

Unicorns? Possibly a one-horned Rhinoceros

Which begs the question how much have we lost in our attempt to be relevant, and error-free? It always upsets my sensibilities when I discover a group of intelligent well-meaning individuals who take upon themselves to decide what the masses should or should not to be told. This sort of authoritarian dictatorship is exactly what has driven people away from the true teachings of Christ; truth, love, and acceptance. It breeds suspicion and is a fertile ground for conspiracy theories.

Science Vs Spirituality

Everything has its place and being able to see that without judgment and the God complex to change it is sorely needed. The world is saturated with people who think they know the truth and the right way, whatever that means! Life is a journey and we are all pilgrims, none of our destinations are the same then why do we insist on putting up signposts and guides? What is needed is to celebrate our individual journeys, a campfire where we all convene for a while before we head off on our separate ways, where we can meet, wives and husbands, lovers and friends, brothers and sisters, to tell our stories and encourage each other.

Conspiracy Theory

do I delve deep into where the universe beckons me? That dark and mysterious place where sense and senselessness dance the unholy dance of existence? After all we exist in that sliver of space between madness and sanity, a fact very familiar to all creative types.

Does Meditation work?

I have learned much about people and about how the mind works, especially the tricks it plays. What I discovered through self-introspection, scientists have studied and concluded; that humans are hard-wired to non-consciously shift their view of reality to avoid working harder.