Does Meditation work?

I have learned much about people and about how the mind works, especially the tricks it plays. What I discovered through self-introspection, scientists have studied and concluded; that humans are hard-wired to non-consciously shift their view of reality to avoid working harder. 

Flow state – Evolution of mankind

His talk got me thinking that we should have a curriculum in school where we are taught to get into the states of flow along with reading, writing, and arithmetic. Inducing the state of flow might just be what leads humans into the next stage of evolution which is a race of disease-free, happy, creative, peace-loving humans. 

Mentorship – A myth that needs to disolve

We need to break out of this industrial model of a production line, where everything is fashioned according to a working prototype. We are all unique and we all have a voice to contribute, like the planet Earth we are to come together the hot and the cold, the soft and the hard, the high and the low, the deep and the shallow, and create a masterpiece that is ever changing, ever evolving, ephemeral yet persistent.

The winner’s mindset

The precursor to enthusiasm is giving a damn. Find something that you deeply care about, and work from there. For example, are you self-conscious? So you care if you end up looking like a fool? Excellent play to that,  tell yourself I NEED to do this and if it fails, I’ll look like an idiot. I NEED this to work. I’m giving it my 100 percent because failure is just not an option.

Inspired by situations and not solutions

Sometimes in life, you need to get lost to find your true north. You don’t know what you are made of until you are tested in the fire of pain, suffering, and rejection. So next time you fall and are lost, rejoice, it’s a chance to find out what you are truly made up of.

The lady with no face

There is something very primal about fear, the theory of Good versus bad, angels and demons, God and Devil, fear always had a label. And we fear Fear more than death or pain. why? It’s our need for an identity. Stories of past lives, rebirths abound because the thought that we are nothing and will return to nothing is appalling. 

The silent killer

It’s our own biases that distort our understanding of the world. Half the pain we inflict on ourselves is because of our rigid beliefs on how things should be. We could not enjoy the technology of flight for the longest time because we as a society held onto to the rigid belief that anything heavier than air would fall down. It begs the question what other beliefs are still tethering us to the ground?

The humble question

Because sometimes in order to learn from life, the great teacher, we need to humble ourselves and try to see what is being taught. We need to put ourselves second so that we may learn what nuggets of wisdom we may extract from our experiences. 

For the love of writing

Some stories need to be told even if the only one listening is the writer. The job of the story teller is to tell stories nothing more but never less. It is up to the listener to decide if they want to be carried away in the ebbs and lows of the narrative, to hear the call of the birds, the chill of the dawn or the blistering heat of the dessert.