The silent killer

It’s our own biases that distort our understanding of the world. Half the pain we inflict on ourselves is because of our rigid beliefs on how things should be. We could not enjoy the technology of flight for the longest time because we as a society held onto to the rigid belief that anything heavier than air would fall down. It begs the question what other beliefs are still tethering us to the ground?

The humble question

Because sometimes in order to learn from life, the great teacher, we need to humble ourselves and try to see what is being taught. We need to put ourselves second so that we may learn what nuggets of wisdom we may extract from our experiences. 

To conform or not to conform? That is not the question, it is who am I?

In this brief summary, he has captured the conundrum that faces humanity. ‘Cogito ergo sum’ –translation, I think therefore I am, but whose thoughts are you thinking? Are you a sum total of your culture, family beliefs, society’s protocols, and a need for alignment with your peers or the leaders of your world?

For the love of writing

Some stories need to be told even if the only one listening is the writer. The job of the story teller is to tell stories nothing more but never less. It is up to the listener to decide if they want to be carried away in the ebbs and lows of the narrative, to hear the call of the birds, the chill of the dawn or the blistering heat of the dessert.

Lost for words

In my journey of life, I have had the amazing opportunity to interact and even assimilate, albeit for a short…

One day, but not today.

Friday 9th March 2018 Yes, It’s been a while since I broke my ‘journal a day’ commandment. Life, I have…

It is time

Tuesday, 20th February 2018 Time is an unstable commodity, elusive, distracting, and chimeric almost! Almost is more to its fantastical…

The greatest truth in the biggest lie

I realized the greatest truth in the biggest lie touted in today’s world, Think different, be innovative. What they, the narrators of the world trends, are actually telling you is that we are bored of the same plot lines, impress us but don’t get too different lest we lose the tethers that still determine our identities. For what would society be if in a split second they could let go of all the walls that enclosed their lives and actually stepped out into the Free world of unregulated creativity?

Superman’s got nothing on you Ma!

Thanks, mum, today I realize how strong and noble you truly are. How, it takes a lot more than love to be a good mother, it takes courage to brave the anger of a rebellious teenager and still do what needs to be done. Thanks mum for being so strong, to quote my son’s favorite song, ‘superman’s got nothing on you Ma!’

I, Me and Myself.

Maybe the purpose of life is to have no purpose, at least not the ones that society thrusts upon us but to discover new ones that are liberating and not restricting.